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What does Nielsen Measure? 



Consumer Neuroscience

Global Consumer Confidence


Music Sales Measurement



Revenue Management Optimization

Social TV


Nielsen BDS: How to submit music?


Submit CD’s and MP3’s free of charge, electronically through Nielsens secure Virtual Encode website.

To recieve Virtual Encode Access fill out the form and click submit now. You will then receive login information and instructions via email for the Virtual Encode website to upload your music.


Response time is usually in minutes, but it can take up to 3 business days after submitting. By submiting your virual encode request  here, you agree to recieve via email exclusive offers brought to you by MusicBizDocs and its affiliates.


SoundScan Registration (Physical and Digital Sales Tracking)


Click below to register your UPC and ISRC codes to the SoundScan database for Physical and Digital sales tracking. Please fill out the necessary forms, review and submit after you have completed each field.









Processing time is usually 3-5 business days. Once placed in the Soundscan system your music will be eligible to appear on weekly Billboard Charts.


For more information contact: 


Sara Lopez

Sales Department

Direct Line- 1(323) 817-1269


Sara will be able to provide you with details on how you can subscribe to SoundScan reports and BDS products.  



Client Services team for soundscan 

Click Here for more info.

Click Here for more info.

What is Mediabase?

Mediabase is a music industry service that monitors radio station airplay in 180 US and Canadian markets. Mediabase publishes music charts and data based on the most played songs on terrestrial and satellite radio, and provides in-depth analytical tools for radio and record industry professionals.

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