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About MusicBizDocs

   Signing that major deal can take away your creative control. Sure, you may get an advance, that is of course recouped before you get any royalties. However, the most important part of signing a major deal is in the number of albums you are required to deliver to the label before you're "FREE". What percentages are they taking from EVERYTHING that generates your future income, you know the "360 Deal"?  These very important factors are what consequently   founded MusicBizDocs.


MusicBizDocs was established 2012 to provide entrepreneurs with the pertinent documents to run a successful operation. Since that time, we have been able to establish a national presence in all 50 states , specializing in the music industry. Our company has established LLCs and Corporations as entertainment and publishing companies for affiliated recording artist King Marack (Silent Money Business, LLC, ATL). Other artist include King Malachi (Malachee Enterprises, LLC, ATL) and The Long Gun (YA-YA! Entertainment, LLC,TX), who's team through consultation with us, has signed with Universal Music Group. We have also remained in consultation with  Recording Artist James Worthy as his brand continues to flourish at leaps and bounds.

We take pride in making sure that our customers business interest are secured and their creative control remains protected, giving owners confidence to fully operate their companies visions and the wealth management of their business. For that reason we also provide our own digital distribution platform MBDDigitals.

Our priority is to protect CEOs and Presidents of companies by providing them with more than just a company start-up platform but,  a platform for people of all genres of music and every facet of the business to network and grow within the original purity that music was intended.

From music publishing, contract drafts, negotiations, consultations, business management, events & promotions, films, merchandise, music production and film production.

No matter your current stance in the industry, we have the products and services you need to take you to the next level. Whether to continue as an indie artist or to negotiate with the majors, we have the blueprint of execution for maximum success.

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Terrance Hudson

About Mezmurizing Moon Entertainment, LLC

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     Mezmurizing Moon Entertainment, LLC. (Mezmurizing Moon) has been established and founded to encourage business start-up to the public through the education and power of written words. The creativity and ingenuity, which is driven by the love for people, will be used collectively and independently to fulfill that purpose.
     Our services provide business/educational materials to musically creative individuals, by empowering them to become entrepreneurs and successful entertainers. We enhance the quality of life for our customers by providing them with business administrative materials, entrepreneurial training, and company development consultation through the 7 packages on the home

 “The-Packages” are a do-it-yourself approach to company registration, launch, and contractual securities. Currently, in order to obtain the documents and references contained in "The Packages" you would have to retain corporate and entertainment lawyers or majored in music business management  to execute the documents on your own. The documents in “The Packages” will save time on research, trial and errors, and minimize your company's start-up expenses.

Our satisfaction is in knowing that we have played an affirmative and significant role in shaping and freeing the lives of others. We reach our customers needs with love, compassion, knowledge and understanding, to give power structures and control to those who seek it. Through these executions, we shall strengthen the U.S. economy and empower it's American citizens with financial FREEDOMS.

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